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Games - For Rent

Games For Rent

Some areas of use:
1. To have a game at your wedding to entertain the guest.
2. To easily have an event with a dunk tank available for your guests.
3. To have a volleyball set at your birthday party to play with friends.
4. To play Bingo at a special event.
5. To play Horseshoes at a picnic.
6. To ride a trike at a birthday party for kids.

Call us with any questions about renting a Game: (570)-366-1071.

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Games, Bingo, Dunk Tanks, & More!

Games - Air Puppet

Air Puppet: $24.00

Games All Aboard Noah's Ark

All Aboard Noah's Ark: $39.00

Games - Balloon Splash

Balloon Splash: $39.00

Bingo Cards Per 100

Bingo Cards Per 100: $2.99 (Sale Item)

Bingo Game

Bingo Game: $15.00

Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank: $220.00

Football Toss

Football Toss: $39.00

Golf Challenge

Golf Challenge: $39.00

Horseshoe Set

Horseshoe Set: $9.00

Inflatable Tee Ball

Inflatable Tee Ball: $100.00 - Weekend | $200 - Weekly

Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge: $85.00

Raffle Drum – Brass

Raffle Drum – Brass: $12.00


Trikes: $39.00


Trikes: $39.00

Volleyball Set

Volleyball Set: $20.00

Games For Rent | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-366-1071

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