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Glassware - For Rent

Glassware For Rent

Some areas of use:
1. To have beverage glasses for the drinks at your wedding, for all your guests.
2. To easily have an event with drinks available for your guests.
3. To rent Champagne Glasses for a Special Event.

Call us with any questions about renting a Glassware: (570)-366-1071.

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Glassware, Beer Glass, Soda Glass, Champagne Glass, Water Goblet Glass, & Wine Glass!

Glassware - Beer & Soda Glass

Beer & Soda Glass: $0.45

Glassware - Champagne Glass

Champagne Glass: $0.45

Glassware - Old Fashioned Glass

Old Fashioned Glass: $0.45

Glassware - Water Goblet Glass

Water Goblet Glass: $0.45

Glassware - Wine Glass

Wine Glass: $0.45

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